Yanks (rating 86%) presents Cute 20 Year-old Sondrine Gives Herself a Toe Curling Orgasm

  • 2 years ago
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Sondrine gets in the zone very, very quickly. With her legs spread open on the sofa chair, her hands have free reign on her clit pussy. The relentless rubbing and deep fingering quickly bring her to a screaming orgasm but that is not where she stops. The more she orgasms the more she gets charged up and when the final one hits her, her toes curl up till their hurt and screams out, feeling as charged as anuclear plant.

andy | 2 years ago

She does kinds look sad and lonely. Maybe she needs a hard cock in her.

henri | 2 years ago

She has that "paint me like one of your french girls" vibe

jizzmaster | 2 years ago

20? She looks fucking 50